Sea Gypsy 

The Bajau sea gypsies have moved with the monsoons between Malaysia, Philippines and Indonesia for centuries. Their origins preceding the invisible national boundaries that have grown up around them. Now seen as immigrants by the mainlanders they live almost entirely at sea. But the sea Bajau are disappearing. 
The pressure of civilization is impacting their way of life. Beliefs, customs and dialects are being eroded by the world around them.

The series won the OneLife Category Photo Award 2011.
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House Boat
Moving with the monsoon the sea gypsies carve out a solitary life above the waves. Segregated by boat, whole families live out their lives in tight confinement. On this boat alone, three generations of family eat, sleep and play. Living almost entirely at sea they visit land only to trade oil and bury the dead.
Stilt House
Built from driftwood and scavenged timber, often miles from land, these flimsy huts have emerged from the shallow coral reefs of the Celebes Sea. Unlike the boat gypsies, the residents of the stilt houses enjoy a semi permanence. Choosing to weather the storms rather than move with the monsoons.